Pionus Parrot

About Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrot is a medium-sized parrot found in Mexico and South and Central America. The basic features of this bird include various colored bare eye ring, body and short square tail. Though it looks similar to Amazon parrot but it is much smaller in size. The color of this bird is unique as under bright light its feathers shimmer. Every species of pionus parrot has bright red undertail coverts. This bird is an excellent pet and the species which are most popular as pets include Blue headed, White capped and Maximillian. A Pionus parrot is much quieter in nature than an Amazon parrot and it is also not very energetic and does not exactly enjoy games. It is regarded as a charming and gentle pet and it is extremely friendly in nature.

Characteristics of Pionus Parrot
When the bird is excited or frightened it emits a wheezing or snorting sound and the owner should not mistake it for a call of distress or disease. It also has a musky or sweet odor in its body which is enjoyed by many owners. This bird never learns to talk but can learn few words. The bird loves to mimic sounds and quickly learns various kinds of sounds. Since it can mimic well if a bird is exposed to a kid’s screaming it will quickly learn to scream like a kid.

Diseases of Pionus Parrot
It is often seen that a Pionus parrot suffers from obesity problem. This can be countered keeping a check on the diet of the parrot. It often suffers from Vitamin A deficiency too and aspergillosis. All these diseases occur when it is in captivity. However, except the aspergillosis, all the other diseases can be easily countered.

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