About Parrotlets

Parrotlets or miniature parrots have personalities bigger than their tiny size. Amiable disposed, intelligent, energetic, bold and curious, Parrotlets, with their colorful plumage and comical antics demand your unending attention and love. Patient training and care can also enable them to talk. Parrotlets enjoy a large cage with toys and a swinging perch.
Parrotlets, when properly taken care of, give their unconditional love to you. Their small size and interesting personalities, comical behavior and calm disposition make them truly wonderful and loveable pets.

Pacific Parrotlets

Closely related to the grand Amazon parrots, and originating from Western Equador to North Western Peru, Pacific Parrotlets can steal your heart anytime. Cute and cuddly, they are found in varied shades of blue, light turquoise, emerald green and dark and light green.

Pacific Parrotlets possess undiminished energy levels. A well-trained and cared for parrotlet does not experience jealousy, major mood changes or hormonal problems during breeding season.

They like to be petted and scratched on their tiny heads and feed on seeds and pellets with fruits and vegetables being delicacies.

They generally live from 12 to 20 years.

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