Parrot Screaming

Parrot Screaming

Screaming of a parrot is different from its usual jabbing. Getting less attention is the primary facts for a parrot to scream. Apart from these facts there lie many a underlying reasons like getting hurt or any unpleasant event may also make a parrot scream unnaturally. There are several technique to stop a parrot from screaming, but sometime one need to give some more attention to a parrot while screaming. The reasons behind screaming are listed below.

Less Handling Of Parrot
Abrupt change of behavior with parrot (such as paying less attention) may make a parrot screaming. Usually the main purpose of screaming is seeking attention. The attention lover birds sometimes even get wild when the think they are being ignored.

Unpleasant Event
Any unpleasant event like getting injured or realizing any upcoming danger the parrots starts screaming in a very unnatural way. This really means danger and this is different from other screaming also.

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