Parrot Facts for Kids

Parrot Facts for Kids

Before choosing a parrot as a pet for a child it is important for the parents to know some facts about the parrots. After knowing these facts then the parents should decide whether to go for a parrot or not, because it is not easy to take care of a complex bird like a parrot by a kid.

Danger of having a parrot:

Parrots can cause serious injury to human beings even if they are tamed if they are irritated for a long time. They have powerful beak and sharp claws and a kid should not dare to irritate the parrot even if he or she plays with the bird. It is important to know the mood of the parrot before poking it for play. Before a parrot is bought as a pet it is important to see whether the parrot is receptive to the kids or not.

For this it is important to introduce the parrot to the kid first and see whether it feels relaxed and is receptive about the kids. If the parrot does not take the treat or does not come across as friendly it is better not to take it as a pet. Also the kids should take care while giving the treats to the parrots to maintain a distance so that the parrot cannot hurt the hands of the kids while taking the treat.

Parrots can create a mess too:

It is important for the kids to know that if they want parrots as pets then they have to take care of cleaning the cage of the parrot every day since parrots are known to be messy. Parrots create messes while eating, drinking and even when playing. Thus it is important to keep them clean so that they do not get sick because of the dirt and grime. The kids should learn to take care of the parrots from the beginning so that the diseases do not spread from the birds to the kids. Also it is important to give larger space to the parrots since they need large spaces for exercises and plays.

Life span of parrots:

Parrots can live more than 50 years sometimes and there fore before choosing a parrot as a pet for a kid the parents should ask themselves whether they would be able to take care of the parrot for such a long span. It is important for the kids also to understand that while having a parrot as a pet they are making a commitment and whether they would be able to keep up the promise is something that should be decided first before taking a parrot as a pet.

Impulse buying:

It is often seen that parents and the kids go for parrots as impulse buying. This should be avoided. Before buying a parrot for keeping it as a pet the parents should know about the parrots and also make the kids knowledgeable about the parrots. A family should only have a parrot for the kids only when both the parents and the kids are knowledgeable about the needs of the parrot and is committed to fulfill that need.

There are the following facts in which a child may get interest.

  • There are broad ranges of birds which are considered to be parrots. Almost 350.
  • Similarities among the diversities are the bended beak and four toes in to feet among the species.
  • Most of the parrots subside on fruits, vegies, flowers, seeds etc.
  • Usually forty years is the average life span of any parrot, but some can even live up to eighty years.
  • It is mainly a tropical bird, but Australia, Central America and South America are the diversities.
  • Ability to imitate the novanian sounds, being musical, beautiful and charismatic has made these bird the companion of human being for long time.
  • CITES has banned the trade of wild caught of these birds, although the illegal trade is going high.
  • The practice of making pet of parrots has made few species endangered.
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