Parrot Enrichment

Parrot Enrichment

Making the parrots engaged in different active behavior is the motto of parrot enrichment program. Giving the parrots foraging opportunities, allowing it to play by giving toys inside and outside of its cage are the part of this program.

There has been very little research on parrots behavior and its effect on environment. Some experimental results show that this type of enrichment fruitfully prevented and preserved many abnormal and undesirable behavior of the parrot.

Now a day’s different type of enrichment kit is available in the market like Star bird. It is nothing but different set up is made by some one to give an attractive look to the place where the bird is staying. It allows a bird to get involved in different activities

After understanding the behavior one must not make a choice between empowered birds and birdy bedlam. We should not force a parrot to do something what it does not want to. Keeping these things in mind parrot enrichment should be done.

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