About Kakapo

The kakapo is a parrot which derived its name from a Maori word and it means night parrot. It is also called owl parrot and it is a flightless bird large in size and nocturnal in nature originating in New Zealand. Its features are significant because of its yellow-green plumage, its large grey beak, large feet and wings and a short tail. It is the only flightless parrot of the world and also the heaviest one and it is one of the world’s longest living birds.

It is an endangered species and as for records only 126 living kakapo are found in the world. This bird and the family of Nestor became separated from all the parrot species after New Zealand was cut off from Gondwana.

The bird has huge historical significance to the Maoris and it appears in the legends and folklores too. It was hunted for its meat and feathers and was also reared as pet.

Diet of Kakapo
This is a vegetarian bird and never eats meat. It loves to eat almonds and is also seen eating petals, stems and roots of plants. It is also found to love muesli.

Life of Kakapo
This is a flightless bird and has large sharp claws that help it to climb the branches of the trees and also run well in the forest. When it saws approaching enemy it would immediately stand still and try to mix with the surroundings. It never gets tired quickly and is able to travel from the seashore to the mountain in just 24 hours.

The personality of Kakapo is quite unique. It is often found that the chicks that are raised in captivity show various characteristic traits. Some of them are friendly and some want to stay alone. But one characteristic is quite common that most of these babies are big time eaters. The bird has the unique habit of sleeping during day and staying awake at night. It is a solitary bird and gathers only when it is time to breed.

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