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Popular as the most colorful group of birds and as wonderful, cute pets, the Parrots or Psittacidae Family endears to us all. From desert interiors of Australia to Indonesian islands, South American countries to Africa, the Psittacidae family is found in great numbers around the globe.
Their wide-spread availability, coupled with a social and intelligent personality, has made them loving domestic pets for centuries.
Found in multi-colors of yellow, green, blue, white, red and combinations of two or more of these colors, Parrots have rightly been called ‘winged rainbows’.
Parrots are intelligent birds that thrive on socialization and training to be good pets and bond with their owners. Parrots may often appear as complicated animals, their emotions as complex and varied as of humans. Lack of love and affection can lead to health and behaviour problems in your Parrot. Hence, bonding and spending quality time is essential.
Give your Parrot food that is varied in color, shapes, textures and sizes. Proteins, vegetables rich in Vitamin A, whole grains and carbohydrate rich foods are beneficial for your Parrot.
No one Parrot is same as the other. They all have different needs. As an owner, you must ensure that, to have a healthy and happy Parrot, you cater to all its needs.
All Parrot species can be grouped under the following heads:
Macaws add color to your life. They are flamboyant, intelligent and colourful personalities. Owing to their captivating beauty and engaging personality, they have been kept in captivity for centuries. Feed your Macaw the right diet to maintain that healthy and bright bundle of colors.
Ill-trained Macaws can be an embarrassment to the family. Ensure that you impart proper training to your Macaw. Another thing that you must give attention to is the right diet. Feed your macaw only that which goes with its health. A little research and proper knowledge about its diet and habits can come in handy if you are planning for a healthy life for your cute bundle of colors.
Keep in mind, Macaws are ferocious chewers, so it is advisable to fill up it’s cage and play stand with as much bird toys as you can, lest your bird chews off some corner of your favorite furniture. These toys also function to keep the bird engaged and happy. Apart from this make it a point to talk to your Macaw at least for some time daily. This will make your bird feel secured and loved.

Macaws can be found in varied colors and combinations of blue, gold, red, green, scarlet and even shades of burgundy and black!
Friendly and peace loving, the Conure possess a playful personality teamed with a sweet temperament. Strong in mind but tender birds needing gentle care, Conures are affectionate birds, which require proper training to live among its human family.
Conures come in bright combinations of blue, yellow, green, orange sometimes with shades of black.
In fact Conures are one of the most assorted commonly kept feathered companions. With over 40 plus species and countless sub species, every house can claim a “Paulie” to its own. Their acute intelligence and amiable personality make them the unwavering favorite among bird owners. Be it a giant Patagonian Conure or a minuscule maroon bellied one, the trainability of Conures have always been a muslin territory for bird trainers. Their high adaptability and eager socialization skills have helped them develop a firm bond with their masters.
While taming a conure, the catchphrase is however, “responsible tolerance”, for the Conures are sometimes infamous for being noisy and chewing. The magnitude of their volume is directly proportional to their size. Thus a green-cheeked conure will be less noisy than a Patagonian conure. However with proper engagement and interaction both the noise and the tendency to chew can be controlled and even reduced.

Cockatoos are cuddly and lovable birds. Possessing of a sweet nature, they bond easily with their owners.
Available in varied shades of grays, inks, blacks and even deep blue, Cockatoos are social birds that love a lot of attention. Well-trained and well-loved Cockatoos are wonderful pets and tend to suffer from depressions when neglected.
Cockatoos are invariable foodies, they love food and they love variety. So make sure to add lots of colors and varied taste to their plates. They are especially fond of nuts so a nutty treat once in a while makes them really happy. Apart from these, seeds and fresh veggies are a must for its vitamin needs.
Something that you ought to keep in mind while planning to have a Cockatoo is about Feather dust. These birds produce a fine powder that facilitates preening. These powdery mass breaks down into fine dust and settles everywhere in the owner’s house. This can sometimes lead on to allergies.
Beware, Cockatoos are mess lovers. They love to toss their food and chew around. Feather Picking and self mutation is another nuisance associated with this species. However with proper attention and training, these problems can be successfully dealt with
Their name meaning ‘small parrots’, Parakeets are sensitive and cheerful birds. Highly intelligent, some Parakeets, like the Quaker species, are excellent at imitating human speech and performing tricks.
With thorough training it is possible to finger train parakeets. Before getting a parakeet for yourself take care that you choose cages that are equipped with perches. Places the cage in the right place in the house hold is another important thing you need to take care of as birds are extremely sensitive to air borne chemicals. Fill their cages with variety of toys as most important bond with your bird for at least 30 minutes every day. As far as its diet is concerned remember to give vitamin supplements in water 2 to 3 times per week.

Parakeets are known to suffer from many health problems and hence their demand on your constant attention and care is very high.

Lovebirds, as their names suggest, require your constant love and affection. Lack of proper care can turn your Lovebird into an irritating pet, given to frequent mood swings. Lovebirds bring colors of love to your life. However, besides spreading love they require your constant love and attention. They are a store house of a lot of personality in a tiny package. Being an emotional breed; they form profound bonds with their owners. However their extreme personality issues sometimes give way to territoriality, aggression and mood swings. Hand raising a baby lovebird is often considered as a wise decision.

Available in varied colors and their combinations, Lovebirds add warmth and fun in your life.

Cheerful, adorable, outgoing colorful both in feathers and in spirit Parrotlets form the most sought after pet among bird lovers. Their Comical behavior is an add on for it adds a tinge of healthy entertainment in the owners life. Parrotlets are available in 7 species and numerous subspecies like the Pacific, Green Rump, Mexican, Spectacle and Blue Wing. Parrotlets learn to mimic human speech quite well with good training. They enjoy human company and love to spend long hours with their owners in games and talks.

Parrotlets or ‘miniature parrots’ are intelligent and energetic birds. Amiably disposed, these birds demand your constant love and attention. Often projecting comical behavior patterns, Parrotlets rarely scream and hence make wonderful pets.

Owning a bird for the first time? Go for a Cockatiel. Cockatiels are cheerful birds, which are rarely demanding or moody. These are Ideal pets for first time bird owners. Cockatiels are cheerful birds, which are rarely demanding or moody. They are the darlings of the house and help create a happy home environment with their sweet personalities. Well-groomed and well-trained Cockatiels endears most as pets. However keep in mind that Cockatiels are very choosy eaters with a strict list of preferences. They have a special liking for fruits rather than vegetables. Carefully observe what they slurp down and what they toss away. Then only you can cater to their taste and win your place in their hearts. Seeds are good as good for cockatiel as burger is for you. Yes! Seeds are junk food to this breed. Though they can survive easily on seeds and they would eat it willingly too but consuming nothing but seeds shortens their life span. So go for fresh fruits and veggies and sometimes team that up with a seedy treat. Another interesting fact as regards its diet is that Cockatiels love proteins. Be it meet or eggs, nuts or cheese they love it all. They have a special fondness for cheerios.

Cockatiels suffer their share of health problems and need your utmost care and attention.

Mostly available in green and yellow, Budgies or Budgerigar are gentle and entertaining personalities. Budgies are sensitive birds that enjoy play.

Budgies have distinctive personalities. Some are sensitive while others are mischievous. Powers of mimicry, amusing antics and a delightful nature make Budgies wonderful and endearing pets.

The Psittacidae or Parrot Family has as many as 352 existing members and still growing in the numerous sub-species, added at regular intervals.

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