Caique Parrot

About Caique Parrot

The most important thing about Caique parrots is their color and this color differentiation has given them their unique names also. There are two varieties of Caique parrots one is Black headed Caique and the other one is White-bellied Caique. Though listed in endangered species, this kind of parrots is still the dream for a parrot lover to make pet. Squared tail and shorter in height than other parrots are the features of this species.

Amazon is the place for these parrots to live in. The river basin and the forest is the main place to reside and they subsist on seeds and fruits.

Lifestyle of Caique
These birds are extremely intelligent and good mimics too. It is very easy to teach them tricks as they are very good learners. What more, they can be given potty training too! This is something unique with this bird. They are good acrobats and are very clever and enjoy mimicking human sounds. The Black headed Caique has a typical sound that is similar to the sound of a horn.

However, sometimes Caiques can become difficult to handle too as they are extremely possessive birds and can show aggressive behavior. They often suffer from emotional stress and the owners should be very particular and should keep an eye for their mood swings. But the best part of this bird is that they are not just loyal to one owner they show their love to every person in the house.

The bird is generally playful and extremely active. Every Caique loves its toys and spends lots of time playing with them. Keep in mind that it is important to buy more toys for this bird as it has the tendency to destroy its toys with its beak.

The lifespan of this bird is about 20 years and more and they get matured when they are two or three years of age.

Earlier they were thought to be wild enough to pet, but recent studies have revealed that it tough to pet but not impossible. This parrots believe in long term relationship, may be it a positive one or a negative one. Caiques have a social system, which consists of living in a clan with five to ten families in a big tree.

Diet of a Caique
The Caique sustains of fruits, vegetables and on high quality pellets. It also loves nuts, berries, various types of seeds and greens.

Keeping a Caique

When you are keeping a Caique take care to see that the cage is spacious as the Caique needs lots of room to itself. A perch is also essential along with lots of wood toys. These birds love to bathe and therefore the water bowl should be changed more often. Often you should bring out the bird and let it socialize with the other members of the household as it is a friendly bird. It is better to keep the Caique in flight and out of cage since then only its whole rounded personality will grown fully.

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