Baby Parrot

About Baby Parrot

It is often seen that people want to rear a baby parrot. The reason being that if baby parrots are reared then they bond closer to people and become friendlier with people. But then before rearing a baby parrot there are some things that should be kept in mind and these are:

  • The time to rear
  • Keeping of the babies
  • Feeding the babies
  • Problems of babies

The time to rear
Often the parrots are reared right from the egg and sometimes after first two or three weeks. Those which are reared since the time of eggs they have to do the tough task of feeding the chick in that initial phase too and therefore it is better to rear the chicks after two or three weeks. This is because these chicks can be reared easily and can bond well with foster parents.

Keeping of the babies

It is important to take care of the heating of the place where the chicks are reared as well as the humidity and the hygiene. It is best to have special brooders but then if that is not possible then a fish tank fitted with a lid can be a suitable replacement. The temperature should be initially 33-35 degree Celsius for day old chicks and then it should be reduced by 1-2 degrees every week. The heat should be more reduced if the chicks get reddened and are found panting. The humidity should be about 30%-50%.

Feeding the babies
It is always better to critically assess the chicks before starting homemade diets for them. This is because diet of each baby parrot is different and that is why it is better to go for commercial diets which are easy to prepare and are always well balanced. It is better to try few of these diets and then pick the best suitable one.

Problems of babies
You can feel that there are some problems with the babies when you see the signs such as:

  • Losing weight and no gain in weight
  • Oversized head, abnormal feathers and thin toes
  • Not growing as per the weight gain charts
  • Change in the skin colors
  • Vomiting or any significant change in droppings

The moment these signs appear you should go for a check up of the parrots immediately.

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