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Just like a human baby, a parrot craves love and attention, be a spoilt brat and throw tantrums. If properly trained, a parrot can be a loving companion for life! If improperly trained, it can make you run for your life! So it’s very important to know the tricks of training your parrot well so that it can truly be your pride and your neighbor’s envy.

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Training Your Pet Conure

Conure Training

It is very important that you understand your Conure before you start training the bird. This is because though the Conure is small in size it always comes up with various challenges and you need to meet these challenges successfully.

A Conure can be extremely noisy depending on the nature of the bird. If the Conure is noisy and screams then it should be trained properly so that it does not scream often.

There are ways in which you can train your pet Conure and these ways are:

  • Prompting the Conure to do something and when it does so then reward it with a treat
  • Not giving any treat to the Conure if it is shouting loudly as it will imply that if it does not stop screaming it is not going to get the treat
  • Always praise the bird whenever it learns any trick or learns any behavioral pattern

How to tame your Conure

After the Conure is settled in your house now it is time to tame the Conure and for that you need to take the help of these tips.

  • When the bird is calm then come closer to the cage and watch the body language of the bird.

  • Speak to the bird and allow the bird time to accept your presence near it. If you find that it is becoming aggressive or scared then back off until the bird has calm down. Again try to make the bird accept you by talking later on.

  • If possible visit the bird's cage at night and speak softly to the bird not startling it but comforting it.

  • Once the bird has accepted your presence now you should open the cage door and offer your finger to the bird so that it can step up to your finger. For that you need to tap the breast of the bird and ask it to "Step Up".

  • If the bird does not understand the command then do not force it. Rather keep your hand in the cage and let it get used to it

Things to keep in mind while training your Conure

If you want a well-trained conure then you should keep in mind that the conure is a noisy bird and it might bite you if it is scared or irritated. A nanday conure is a bird which is always extremely noisy and needs special training to change its screaming habit. It also has a biting habit too and can bite often and that too needs intense training for changing.

You need to understand the reason for the nanday conure's screaming. There can be multiple reasons. It might be happy to see you or it might be needing a mate. For this you need to put the conure in the cage and check whether it is screaming the moment you walk out of the room. If it is so, then you should ignore the behavior.

  • There are some things you should do to have a properly trained conure

  • Give it proper exercise to keep its mind and body active

  • If the nanday conure is aggressive then you should show it that you are the boss

  • If your nanday conure is shy or is scared then give it enough time so that it can trust you

  • Always try to build a strong bond with the conure so that it can rely on you

  • Never shout at the bird if you find that it is biting or behaving aggressively

Trick training is the best way in which you can control the aggressive nature of your conure but then the training should be imparted by an expert.

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6 Safe Ways to Give Your Conure Exercise

Conure Exercise

It is important to give proper exercise to your Conure. But when you are trying to give the bird exercise the safety of the bird should be of utmost importance to you since these birds have the tendency to fly towards wrong directions. Also these birds are extremely active and hence need to have a long play stand where they can play and stay engaged for a long time.

It is extremely important to let the bird fly and for that you need to take the conure out of the cage but before you take the bird out of the cage you should ensure that the windows and the doors of the room are closed so that the bird is not able to fly out.

Also you should not give the bird exercise in a room where there are ceiling fans or any other electrical equipment hanging because the bird might hit any of these and injure itself.

If you have a green cheek conure at home then you have a natural acrobat at home and therefore give it a perch and a cage with horizontal bars so that it can carry on with its climbing tricks. You can also provide them with lava blocks and perches so that the beak and the claws of the bird are trimmed.

If you have a Blue Crown Conure then it is good to give it at least two hours of exercise time every day since it is also a very high energy bird. If you have a Nanday then the exercise hour should be 4 hours since the bird is also high energy bird and needs to spend more time out of the cage and enjoy playing.

In our membership site you would get detailed articles on how you can ensure that your conure does its exercise safely.

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Conure Toys and Why they are Important

Conure Toys

Toys are important for the conure because they would keep the bird entertained and not only the bird it would keep you entertained too if you watch the bird play with the toys. This is because a conure is a active and high spirited bird and it is really amusing to find it does various kinds of tricks with the toys.

When you are buying the toys you should keep in mind the perfect size for the toys because the toys should not be of small size as the bird might swallow them. It is better to take the help of the pet store attendant before you get a toy for your pet conure because otherwise it might be difficult for you to get the right kind of toys for your bird.

You should have hoops and rings in the cage as the conure loves to jump on the hoops and swing of the rings. They also like the toys which make sounds and would love to play with them.

In our membership site you would come to know about more such toys and know which toys would attract the attention of the conure.

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Your Conure's Diet and Nutritional Requirements

Conure Diet

While in wild the conure eats various types of fruits and nuts and vegetables and when in captivity it is important that the bird gets to eat not only fruits and vegetables but also a good mix of various kinds of seeds. It is also good if you can give your bird a good formulated diet because that will help your bird in growing.

Since the conure has the problem of Conure Bleeding Syndrome you must add calcium and vitamin K in the diet of the bird. Thus you should give more importance to include green leafy vegetables in the diet of the bird so that the bird gets a good dose of calcium and Vitamin K. You can also give egg yolk, soy oil and even meat to the bird.

The regular diet of the bird should include vegetables and fruits and the fruits should be a proper mixture which would provide the bird with proper nutrition. You can even try the human baby food with fruits and vegetables and your conure might like it too. Dry fruits and vegetables are also immensely liked by the bird.

As a member of our site you would get to know what exactly the nutritional requirement of your conure is and what you should feed it to keep it healthy.

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Safe chewing fun for Conures

Conure Chewing

Usually the conures love to have few branches within the cage both for chewing as well as for using as perches and it is important to know that the branches that you have offered to the conure are safe for them. This is because not all the branches of the trees are good for conures. Thus you can have few branches of Manzanita, Ash, Aspen and Norfolk Island Pine as wonderful options if you want to give your bird something good to chew and as well as to sit.

You can also give varieties of wooden toys to your conure along with wooden spoons or spools of sewing threads and so on so that the bird can play and never sits idle in the cage.

In our site we have a huge section on the trees that are safe for the conures and it would help you know your conure's needs in a better way.

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Keeping Your Conure's Cage Clean

Conure Hygiene

It is absolutely essential to keep the urine tray of the conure's cage clean because a healthy conure would urinate about 25-50 times in a day. Also the conure needs to do regular exercises and henceforth the cage should have long horizontal bars so that the conure can climb up and do the exercises. It is better to wipe the cage of your conure at least once a day. It is good to do it before you give any food or water as then the chance of getting infected gets reduced. The toys should be checked regularly to see if they are in good conditions and if not then they should be changed immediately. The newspaper in the floor of the cage should also be changed regularly so that there is no bird mess left in the cage and the cage is clean perfectly.

It is also important to see that the perches are all intact and if any perch is broken it should be replaced immediately. The food and water trays should be cleaned thoroughly regularly before you give food and water to the bird.

Once in every week you should disinfect the cage of your conure with a disinfectant so that your conure remains protected from any disease.

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Interpreting Your Conure's Body Language

Conure Body Language

It is important that you can interpret your conure's body language easily. This would help you learn the mood of your bird and behave accordingly. If your conure hangs from your shirt collar by its beaks it might mean that the conure is not willing to go back to the cage and wants to spend more time in the open. Interpreting the body language of the bird would also let you know whether the bird wants to come out of the cage or not. If it is growling it means that the bird is frightened and if it is screaming loudly then it might mean that the bird is desperately seeking your attention.

If you become a member of our site then you would come to know many such signs and it will help you know your conure's mood in a better way and thus you can communicate in a better way with your pet.

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How to breed Conure

Conure Breeding

If you want to breed conures successfully you need to look for a pair of conures which are healthy. After you bring them in you need to take special care of their diets and the cage and the general well-being so that the conures can be bred successfully. After the chicks are born it is extremely important to keep an eye on the chicks to check whether the parents are properly taking care of the chicks. If not, then you have to take care of the chicks.

In our membership site we deal with this in greater details and you would get expert's advices on this subject if you subscribe to our site.

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Personality of Your Conure

Conure Personality

Conures are generally known for their sweet personality especially the sun conure. It is the friendliest among the conures and therefore generally recommended. It is an energetic bird and loves to spend time with the family members. Same holds true for green cheek conure too as it is an equally intelligent and active bird. These birds are strong chewers and if not given something to chew they might even harm the furniture of the house. Conures are generally cuddly and therefore they need lots of love and affection. Some conures have the problem of screaming though often the loud calls of these birds are regarded as screaming. However, the screaming problem can be easily corrected with proper training.

Our membership site deals with various types of conures giving you a fair idea about the types of conures and their personalities so that you can find a suitable pet for yourself. If you become a member of our site then you would come to know about the personalities of all the varieties of conures.

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Variety of Recipes for Conures

Conure Recipes

Every conure loves to have good food and can get bored with the same food everyday. You can surprise your conure with new recipes and it will love the surprise. In our membership site we have kept a section separately for the delicious recipes that your conure would love to eat. Whether it is sprout or a special recipe like"birdie bread" we have it all in our site. All you need to do is to become a member and you would get access to various recipes for your conure. You can also make sweet potato puffs and make a salad by adding various kinds of nuts and fruits and see how much your conure loves to eat them.

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Information about Conure Diseases

Conure Diseases

Like the other birds of the parrot family Conures also suffer from various types of diseases and some of these diseases can be even life threatening. The diseases that can infect your pet conure include:

  • Conure Bleeding Syndrome
  • Aspergillosis
  • Bacterial infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Polyoma Virus
  • Pacheco's Disease
  • Conure wasting disease

In our site you would have a good idea about these diseases and their symptoms and would also come to know what preventive measures can be taken so that these diseases can be prevented and your conure can lead a healthy life.

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Conure toxin and poison list

Conure Toxins Poisons

When you have purchased your conure now it is time to see whether the bird is safe in your house or not. For that you need to keep something out of your house since these things are extremely toxic to the birds. These toxic substances include the following:

  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Copper including copper used for making water pipes.

Conures also have a tendency to chew and for that they can chew many things. However, some things can be extremely toxic and poisonous to them. These include some trees also such as avocado and cherries and some foods that you are fond of such as chocolate and fast foods. Chocolate, coffee and salt are strictly prohibited for conure because all of these are lethal to the bird.

Other household stuff that are poisonous for conure include Teflon fumes and the fume of overheated oil. Keep your conure out of these things and these are:

  • Candles
  • Air fresheners
  • Cleaners
  • Strong chemicals

Along with these there are many such things which are extremely harmful to your pet conure and which are described in detail in our membership site. Learn about these toxins and poisons in our membership site so that you can keep your pet conure safe from these.

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There’s more!

After purchasing our membership site you would get to know all the varieties of parrots and know everything about them in the section Parrot Summary. Here you would also know

  • About the whereabouts of the parrots
  • About the behavior of the parrots
  • About the food that you should give to your pet parrot for keeping it healthy
  • About the various species of the parrots and their specialties

This last section is very important as every owner should have a fair idea about the bird that would be a pet in the house and it is also important to know about the behavior and the needs of the parrot so that the owners can decide which parrot is suitable for his or her house.

Often we get queries from people who want to own parrots but are confused about the various types of parrots as very few have good idea about the parrots that are there in the market. For this reason we have started special pages on various types of parrots. The first of these sections is on Budgie. These are birds from Australia and are known for their friendly nature. For knowing them well and understanding them properly you need to visit our membership site which would give you access to all the information about this bird.

The next section is about Cockatiel. It is found in Australia and like the Budgie, it is also a desert bird. These birds are good natured and it is easier to tame them. In our membership site you would know about the following:

  • Cockatiel Temperament
  • Cockatiel Diet and Health
  • Cockatiel Care

It would give you a good idea and would help you have a good bird in your house.

If you want to have a Conure as a pet in your house then it is really a challenging job. But with our guidance you can easily train the Conure and win the challenge. There are various types of Conures such as

  • Blue Crown Conure
  • Green Cheek Conure
  • Nanday Conure
  • Sun Conure
  • Jenday Conure

Know about them and have a fair idea about the types of Conures and their needs.

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Cockatoo is another bird that is extremely popular as pets. You would find this bird in various colors and most species of this bird are from Indonesia. If you want to have a cockatoo as a pet and want to have some knowledge beforehand about it, come to our membership site. A minimum amount can give you abundance knowledge about this bird. Learn about the species that are available and if you already have one and having any problem with it then know about their behavior from the article written by our expert so that you can handle it’s tantrums successfully. Cockatoos can be divided into following category.

  • Goffin Cockatoo
  • Moluccan Cockatoo
  • Umbrella Cockatoo
  • Rose Breasted Cockatoo
  • Palm Cockatoo
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

The cutest of the parrot species is the lovebird and they are known for their breathtaking beauty and also their affectionate nature. If you are wondering how to train them or to take care of them then, the simple solution is to log in to our site and access the page so that you can learn how to train them and how to enjoy the company of your pet lovebird.

“Winged Rainbows” are Macaws as they are known to us. They have earned their name “Winged Rainbows” because of their availability in array of colors. There are varieties of macaws available as pets and these are:

  • Hahns Macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Green Wing Macaw
  • Military Macaw
  • Blue Throated Macaw

Know about them thoroughly in our website so that you are able to handle them easily. Though they are easy going as pets but still the owner should have some knowledge before having any of them as a pet.

Parakeets are smaller versions of parrots which are available in various colors. They are cute and are extremely popular as pets because of their nice disposition. If you have any parakeet as your pet then you should know how to train a parakeet and most importantly how to take care of it. If you are wondering where you would get substantial knowledge about the parakeet then do not worry, here is our membership site offering you articles on whatever you want to know about parakeet. The page about parakeet covers the following topics:

  • About Parakeets
  • Parakeet Training
  • Parakeet Care
  • Health & Diet
  • Parakeet Behavior and
  • Quaker Parakeets

Parrotlets or miniature parrots are also nowadays extremely popular as pets. With proper training these birds can talk fluently thus entertaining you constantly. Our next section deals with these parrots and gives you a good idea about their training and their species.

You must have a fair idea about parrots before getting any of them as a pet because there are various parrots that are known for their specific behaviors and you should know properly about them so that you can choose the right kind of parrot as pet. Keeping your need in mind in our membership site we have kept a separate article on parrots where you would find description of all kinds of parrots that are popular as pets. The species of parrots that are mentioned in this article are:

  • African Grey Parrots
  • Amazon Parrots
  • Senegal Parrots
  • Eclectus Parrots
  • Quaker Parrots
  • Green Parrots

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The most beautiful species among parrots is the Caique. If you are looking for a beautiful bird as a pet which is also good in tricks then here it is for you. Go for a Caique and you would not be disappointed. Though it is hard to train these birds but it is not impossible and with persistence and our expert guidance you can easily be a master to a beautiful and tame Caique. Know about them thoroughly in our membership site before getting one as a pet.

Now a tendency has been noticed that more and more people are going for baby parrots as pets. This is because they believe that baby parrots are easy to tame. While their idea is not wrong, it should also be kept in mind that baby parrots are extremely delicate. Before you keep a baby parrot as pet you should know what care should be taken so that the parrot remains healthy and grows into a well trained adult parrot. For knowing about it refer to our “Baby Parrot” section in the membership site.

A quiet pet is welcome to a family who do not have much time to spend for the pet. If you fall in this category then go for a Pionus Parrot. It is easy to take care of these parrots and to know about their nature and their care visit our membership site and check the article “Pionus Parrot” and you would know everything about this parrot.

Toucan is a unique bird and for a long time there was a debate whether it is a part of the parrot family or not. However, now it is accepted that it is a parrot and thus it is kept as pet too. If you are interested in having this unique bird as a pet then we can help you learn more about it in our section “Toucan”.

For your help we also have a photo gallery where you can see the photographs of varieties of parrots so that you can easily choose which parrot to have as your pet.

We also have a video gallery which would further help you see how parrots perform tricks and know more about the parrots.

Conures are good pets for kids but not all conures are good for kids especially kids who are less than 10 years of age. The bird that is recommended for kids is a Blue Crown Conure which is known for its sweet nature and do not have biting tendencies like a Green Cheek or a Maroon-Belly. Blue Crown Conure is also a good talker. Nanday Conure is also good as a pet for kids but then a Nanday is not a good talker. Learn more about Conure and its interaction with kids in our section “Conure Facts for Kids”. It is a part of our membership site and you would also know about the responsibilities that your kids should share when a Conure is at home.

We have a very special section for parrot lovers and that is a section on “Parrot Training Workshops”. It would help you owners, to know a great deal about how to train your parrots so that they become wonderful pets.

We have seen that our experts get queries mostly on how to handle screaming of parrots. We want to tell you that our section “Parrot Screaming” is an article that can help you in solving this because it is a behavioral problem of a parrot. If you are facing this problem go to this section and know how to handle such a situation.

We have dedicated one section on a parrot species having a very special physical trait. We are talking about lorikeet, the parrot which has a unique tongue for sucking honey. Know about its temperament, diet and its lifestyle in our membership site. Also there is a section describing the training requirements of a lorikeet.

A distinct species of the parrot family is kakapo. This is a flightless bird and is one of the world’s longest living birds. This is a complete vegetarian bird and has large claws and feet which enable it to run and walk. It is also a nocturnal bird and sleeps during the day. The bird is generally reared as a chick and shows various characteristic behaviors. Learn more about this unique member of the parrot family in our site.

Our last section is about “Parrot Enrichment”. This section would help you know how you can train your parrot well and also help you know about the various enrichment kits that are available in the market for training your parrot.

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The main reason why parrots are a favorite pet worldwide is their inherent ability to learn amusing tricks and mimic human voice. However, it should never be imagined that training a parrot is an easy job. It is important to remember that your parrot comes from a wild habitat and was not meant to be domesticated, tamed or trained. At the beginning, your parrot might strongly resist being trained.

Thus, training a parrot needs utmost patience, and often, a considerable amount of time. However, the returns are mostly worth the effort many times over. Also, it is always easier to train a baby parrot than an adult one. Though it is not impossible to train an adult parrot, it is difficult to train one that was improperly trained a s a baby or had suffered some trauma.

All About Your Parrot lends you handy tips on how to break the ice with your Conure, communicate with it and train it to become a pet that you would love to show off.

Everything that you might consider trivial might be very crucial for the health and happiness of your parrot and would ultimately affect your relationship with it. Following are the most common questions new parrot owners are confused about:

Get the right answers from professionals to every question you might have about training your Conure.

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  • Section 6 : Conure Hygiene
  • Section 7 : Conure Body Language
  • Section 8 : Conure Breeding
  • Section 9 : Conure Personality
  • Section 10 : Conure Recipes
  • Section 11 : Conure Diseases
  • Section 12 : Conure Toxin and Poison
  • Section13 : Parrot Summary
  • Section14-28 : Different Parrot Breeds
  • Section 29 : Photo Gallery
  • Section 30 : Video Gallery
  • Section 31 : Parrot Facts for Kids
  • Section 32 : Parrot Training Workshops
  • Section 33 : Parrot Screaming
  • Section 34 : Parrot Enrichment

2) Free E-Book : All About Your Parrot: It gives you a comprehensive list of parrot training, talking and trick training methods and helpful tips on parrot diet, health, cage hygiene and toys.


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